By 2015, I was able to work as a full-time luthier. From choosing and shaping the wood, staining and finishing, then wiring them up, I construct each guitar with loving care from start to finish, each instrument an individual and beautiful expression of art and music.

My guitars are bought and used by professional musicians, Nashville producers, and session players in the USA and throughout Latin America. Right now I live in  Nashville, TN.


I was born and raised in Mexico City. I fell in love with everything guitar-related, and taught myself how to play at the age of fourteen.  I began playing with the church worship team (something I still enjoy doing) .

 In 2011, my fascination with the instrument drove me to learn how electric guitars were constructed, so I devoted all my spare time to figuring it out. In about a year I could build guitars well enough for my musician friends to play them, and began selling them through word-of-mouth.

"Ricardo Sanchez of Nashville

taught himself how to make guitars.

 Let me repeat: he makes guitars. Self-taught. Wow. "

     John Lamb - Hispanic Nashville