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FAQ's :

Q1: What type of finish do you use on your guitar?

We use 3 different types of finish, for most of the bodies and headstocks we use 2k Urethane, for the back of the neck thin coats of satin Poly, and Lacquer Nitro on select models.

Q2: How long is the construction time?

For most Standard and Signatures' models building time is approximately 4 months (depending on the volume of work we have at the shop). 

For Custom orders is about 5-7 months (we will always try to keep the client up to date with the progress and if there’s any unforeseen delays).

Construction updates are available on a monthly basis.

Q3: What kind of lumber materials do you use on your guitars?

We mostly use Alder and Mahogany on most body types of our instruments, Figure Maple and exotic woods for the tops. For the necks we offer the options of Quarter Sawn Maple, Roasted Maple and Mahogany.

We can get Swamp Ash for custom orders.

Q4: What payments methods do you accept?

Paypal is the only method we accept at the moment.

Q5: How much is the deposit or first payment?

First payment is half the price of the instrument, the second payment has to be paid 2 months later after the order is placed. Split payments in 3 parts are also available upon request.

Q6: Do you ship Worldwide or only in the US?

At the moment we only ship in the US. That’s why we ask for your Zip code and State, other wise your order can’t be placed.

Q7: What is your warranty and return policy?

If you get your guitar and it is damaged while shipping you have to tell us right away so we can fill a claim with the mail carrier. If you don’t love your guitar or it is defective in any way you can return it for a full refund within the first 15 days of arrival. A 15% Restock Fee is applied to returns with visible marks of heavy use or scratches.


Warranty on Pickups and hardware: we can replace them if proven defective. 

We offer 1 year of warranty for the construction of the instrument. If a part of the construction fails or it is defective, the guitar can be sent back for repair (does not include damages caused by the client or other person's negligence, or issues caused for regular use of the instrument like scratches, hits, weather or environment effects where the person lives, worn out frets, stains on the fretboard or body, etc.) All instruments are inspected to make sure they qualify for this warranty.

Q8: Is there a cancellation fee?

Yes. If you have to cancel your order and get a refund, a 7.5% fee will be charged to your amount deposited. However, this does not include orders that exceed our construction time frame. If we take more than 7 months to build your instrument your order can be canceled free of charge.

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